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Life, as we know, is full of uncertainties. And to keep ahead of them, you need to plan ahead. Term Plan is a pure life insurance Plan that offers you comprehensive and affordable coverage for a limited period of time to suit your needs.

You have given your family the very best. And there is no reason why they should not get the very best in the future too. As a judicious family man, your priority is to secure the well-being of those who depend on you. Not just for today, but also in the long term. More importantly, you have to guard your loved ones against any eventuality. How will they sustain their way of life, so lovingly built by you, in your absence?

Let your golden years be the most precious of your life, full of freedom and choice. A time to pursue your hobbies, travel and enjoy the good life. You will never miss your salary cheque or be constrained by rising inflation. Even as you work hard to make a better today, it is up to you to create a superior tomorrow. If you want to sustain your current lifestyle even after you stop working, make that money work for you.

ULIP (Unit linked insurance plan) are a category of goal-based financial solutions that combine the safety of insurance protection with wealth creation opportunities. In ULIPs, a part of the investment goes towards providing you life cover. The residual portion of the ULIP is invested in a fund which in turn invests in stocks or bonds; the value of investments alters with the performance of the underlying fund opted by you.

Key Features :

  • Flexibility to choose your Life Cover and also increase or reduce your Sum Assured to match your requirements through the Policy Term.
  • Flexibility of choosing investment funds: Hassle free investment management product with market related returns. Investment flexibility to choose from 5 funds to match your attitude to investment risk and return.
  • Maturity Switch Option to help you manage the investment in your portfolio, as you grow older and closer to the maturity of your plan term by progressively moving your investments from the Equity fund to the Liquid fund.
  • Increase the value of your savings by contributing through Top-up premiums over and above your regular premiums.
  • Liquidity by way of partial withdrawals from your funds, as and when required post completion of 3 years since Policy start date, to meet any unforeseen financial hardships.
  • Flexibility of Switching/Redirection between the available funds to take advantage of market movements or change in risk attitude.
  • Save tax while investing under section 80C and get Tax-free maturity benefits under section 10 (10 D) of the Income Tax Act,1961.

A wise man once said, “Sometimes you need to spend a little money to save a lot...” That’s especially true where healthcare is concerned. No matter how careful you are, illnesses do occur. And with medical costs spiraling out of control, even a minor ailment can turn out to be a major drain on your household expenditure.

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